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What TV Mom Are You?

What kind of Mom are you?

Take the quiz and find out!

  • It is 6am….where are you?

    • I’ve been up for an hour or so already, getting breakfast ready
    • Just getting up, likely sipping on some coffee
    • Sleeping…until approx 25 minutes before the kids get on the bus
  • Your kids are screaming at each other….what do you do?

    • Put them in a time out in separate rooms
    • Scream back? How can little humans hit those octaves?
    • Sit them down together and talk about what the problem is
  • Your child comes home saying they got picked on at school by that same kid who keeps picking on them. What do you do?

    • Call the school immediately, this is unacceptable
    • Spend a lot of time bitching about how shitty that kids parents must be. But then tell your kid if they do it again you are going to show up to school and embarrass the hell out of that asshole
    • If they hit, hit back!
  • Random Last Minute School Event! ….what do you send to school

    • I’ll pick something up from the store the night before
    • Homemade cupcakes or cookies
    • Shit…..Shit….Shit….Shittttttttt!!!!!!!!
  • How much do you love your kids?

    • More than anything
    • To the moon and back
    • All the MUCH!

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