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10 Things You Learn After Being Pregnant with Multiple Children

Been There, Done That…


The best part of this pregnancy is the knowledge I have going into it. No smoke and mirrors, facades or unrealistic expectations.

Here is a list of a 10 things I have learned so far being pregnant and having babies

1. Epidural

Take the epidural and take it early. You need a full IV bag in ya before they can give it to you, and you don’t want to find out last second you get to feel everything. No one give you a medal for going through all that torture. Enjoy your birth.

2. Changing Table

A Laundry Hamper and remote control hiding place….no baby butts need apply.

3. Diapers?

Cloth diapers are cute and fun to pick out, but that is all. There is a reason why we have disposables now. I did this with my second child and there is no way in hell I could do it with 4 kids now.

4. Reality of Labor

Labor is the worst thing you will ever go through. There is no magic to it. The only magic occurs when they place the baby on your tummy and say “do you want some dinner”?

5. So. Damn. Hot

Being pregnant is like having a wool coat on for 9 months. You are hot as hell. And if you are like me, you only have summer babies so it is way worse. Embrace your body…because everyone will be seeing it while you walk around your house naked with no shame (Sorry UPS guy…you know you liked it just a little).

6. Your Husband/BF/Spouse doesn’t get it

Your husband/boyfriend/babydaddy/etc really doesn’t understand what the hell is going on with you. Even if he reads the books, he is like some type of goldfish/person hybrid that forgets you are pregnant every 5 seconds.

7. The Nursery

The amount you spend on your nursery means nothing. It will all inevitably be covered in poop. The clothes, the crib, the sheets, the furniture, everything. Once they get old enough to stand up, that $695 crib you bought will be the most tooth gnawed piece of garbage you have ever seen. You will be lucky to get rid of it on Craigslist for over $100.

8. Breast vs. Bottle

Feed your damn baby. Boob, bottle, who cares? Just don’t go old school with powdered milk and karo syrup…you and baby will be fine

9. Hair Care, Ya’ll

Cut your hair…seriously. Or at the very least invest in some awesome hair ties. Babies like to grab hold of things while they eat…your hair is a prime candidate for sticky fingers tied in a knot around your lovely non-washed for 3 days hair. You have been warned.

10. …It’s still AWESOME

Despite all the crazy pregnancy and infant stuff…you will love the little things to death. All of the nights of worrying about that creepy gurgling noise they are making and whether or not they are pooping enough will be well worth the trouble.

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